If you cannot work due to injury or illness, regardless of whether the injury or illness is related to work, you might be eligible to claim Superannuation Insurance Benefits. Barbante Personal Injury Lawyers can help you look at which benefits you might be qualified to claim through your Superannuation Fund.

These benefits are connected to the insurance you have through your Superannuation Fund and could include benefits for Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), Income Protection (IP), Death or Trauma. You might be entitled to receive a lump-sum or monthly payments. In some circumstances, you may be able to access your whole Superannuation account balance. Sometimes, the insured benefit is automatically provided to you as a member of your Superannuation Fund, or you might have to apply for it.

If you are receiving WorkCover or even TAC payments, you may be entitled to Superannuation Insurance Benefits and loss-of-income protection. To be eligible to claim, your policy needs to be in force either at the date last worked or the date of injury.

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Frequently Asked Questions  

The process of your claim

Each Superannuation case is different. However, it will generally take between 6-18 months for a decision on a Total and Permanent Disability claim to be reached, although this can vary depending on the nature of the claim. A claim for Income Protection Benefits can take between 6 weeks to 3 months. While the length of each case does vary, there is generally a set of steps that occur within each claim. Our dedicated team at Barbante Personal Injury Lawyers will guide you through each of these steps by ensuring that you get the best possible outcome for your case. 

  1. Contact Us We'll listen to your case and gather details from you so we can start examining your Insurance Policy. 
  2. Meet with your lawyer This is a free initial appointment that will provide you with the opportunity to discuss your insurance policy in detail. 
  3. Study your Insurance Policy Should you choose to engage with us as your lawyer, we will give you authorities to sign. This will allow us to communicate directly with your Insurer and gather all relevant claim forms for us to commence your claim. 
  4. Collect and review evidence We will now begin to obtain evidence from third parties, this will generally include, Income Tax Returns, Centrelink claim forms and WorkCover/TAC forms. Your policy will also be examined in detail by advising you on the definitions and how they apply to you. 
  5. Obtain expert medical evidence It may be necessary to gather further evidence from your treating practitioner. 
  6. Submit your claim Once all the evidence has been gathered, we will begin drafting the legal submissions for your claim. These will be given to your Insurer. We will also complete any further claim forms required. 
  7. Attend an independent medical examination During your claim, you will likely be required to attend an independent medical examination. In the examination, you will be asked about your injury or condition. You will also be asked questions about your work history and previous life experiences. 
  8. Resolution When you achieve a successful outcome, you will be contacted to come into our office and discuss how you wish to receive your benefit. We will then do our best to make sure that the funds are made available to you as soon as possible. In the unlikely event that your claim is denied, further action can be taken. However, we find that this outcome rarely occurs. At Barbante Personal Injury Lawyers, we only take upon claims that have a strong chance of success, ensuring that no time is wasted during this stressful period for you. 

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