Superannuation and private insurance claim expertise 

Whether you’re looking to process a compensation claim through your superannuation fund or make a private insurance claim, the Barbante Personal Injury Lawyers team is here to help you with everything you need.

Are you injured or suffering from an illness and unable to work?

We’re here to help you access claim entitlements from superannuation and insurance payments if you’re unable to work due to injury or illness.


While the process might seem a little daunting and complicated, we’re here to guide you through the claims submission. 

Superannuation claims

Wondering what you are able to claim through superannuation?

Insurance benefits, whether through a private company or a super fund, covers loss of work due to injury or illness whether or not the cause of the loss is related to your work.

If your income, work, or working capacity has been negatively affected by an accident or event, make sure to contact our team today to see what you may be able to claim. 


The following benefits can be included through superannuation funds and private insurance claims.

  • Total permanent disability (TPD)
  • Income protection (IP)
  • Trauma
  • Death


You might be entitled to receive benefits in the form or either:

  • A lump-sum payment
  • Monthly payments


Superannuation access

In some circumstances, claimants are able to access the entirety of a superannuation account balance.

Depending on the particulars of the situation, this benefit may be automatically provided or you may be required to apply for it.

WorkCover and TAC

If you are already receiving WorkCover or Transport Accident Commission (TAC) payments and benefits you may still be entitled to additional Superannuation Insurance Benefits and other loss-of-income protection.

While the policy will need to be in force as of the date you last worked or the date of the injury, make sure to speak to us today about looking into your eligibility. 

Get super-charged superannuation and insurance advice

Barbante Personal Injury Lawyers has been operating in the world of superannuation and private insurance for decades. We’re more than qualified to help you determine whether you’re qualified for benefit claims through your insurance and superannuation fund.

To start the process of your claim, contact us today, or use our free claim check questionnaire to better understand the particulars of your situation. 

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