Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

Injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents can have a severe impact on you and your family's financial security.

Barbante Personal Injury Lawyers have extensive experience assisting injured motorists in pursuing their entitlements through Transport Accident Commission (TAC) claims. We can help you with your entitlements to and claims for:

  • Common Law damages for pain and suffering and/or economic loss, where it can be proven that the transport accident was wholly or partially someone else's fault and that you have been seriously injured
  • Disputes about ongoing entitlement to benefits, through either the Accident Compensation Conciliation Service or the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal
  • Reimbursement of medical and like expenses, including doctor, physiotherapist and chemist accounts (all reasonable services and treatments related to the accident)
  • Loss of earnings for up to 18 months, and further payments due to loss of your earning capacity for up to another 18 months
  • Lump-sum entitlement under your superannuation policy, for total and permanent disability (see more under Superannuation)
  • Reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses related to home help and gardening services
  • 'No fault' lump-sum compensation for permanent impairment

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of your claim 

All registered vehicles in Victoria through TAC have insurance included in their registration to allow compensation in the event of an accident occurring.

Each TAC case is different, and there is no set time frame for how long it will take. As a result, some will take months, and some can take years. However, there are a set of steps to expect when making a TAC claim or disputing a decision made by your employer or Insurer. Our knowledgeable team at Barbante Personal Injury Lawyers will guide you through each of these steps by ensuring that you get the best possible outcome for your case. 

  1. Lodge your TAC claim You will need to lodge a claim with TAC. All registered vehicles in Victoria through TAC have insurance included in their registration to allow compensation in the event of an accident occurring.
  2. Meet with your lawyer This is a free initial appointment that will provide you with the opportunity to tell your story. From this appointment, we will gather the merits of your case and discuss the options available to you.  
  3. Wait Depending on when you see us, you may need to wait for your injury to stabilise. 
  4. Collect and review evidence We'll obtain your medical records to understand the nature of your injury and the effect it has had on your life. We will also collate other expert evidence that relates to the injury you sustained. This is how we prepare you to have a strong claim. 
  5. Apply for an Impairment Benefit and/or a Serious Injury Certificate Once we have collected and reviewed all the evidence relevant to your claim, applications for your claim can be commenced. 
  6. Attended a TAC case conference f you a pursing and have obtained a Serious Injury certificate via a common law claim, an informal conference with TAC will be scheduled. In this conference, we will try and resolve your claim for compensation. 
  7. Receive a decision f the matter is resolved through the conference with TAC, you will receive compensation. If the matter does not resolve, there are further steps we can take. In most cases, claims can be resolved without the need of going to court. At Barbante Personal Injury Lawyers, we only take upon claims that have a strong chance of success, ensuring that no time is wasted during this stressful period for you. 

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